Leave them kids alone!

Unhand those children you wretched beast!

When I was a kid, my uncle (can’t remember if it was blood or one of those “Italian Uncles” – Ginzos know what I’m talking about) used to grab the skin in between my chin and my neck and pull on it. He meant it affectionately, I think, but it drew tears to my eyes and a soreness for days. “What in God’s name is he thinking” I would wonder as I would rub my tender jowels. I came to the conclusion he must be socially retarded, and partly robot, and not fully accustomed to the way humans touch each other.

This is what I think when I look at today’s Dater. He’s assaulting these poor twin boys with affection and bashing them with caring. Look at the grip on his left hand! These poor kids clearly wish they were dead.

If his this rough with kids…I can’t even finish that thought as my body just defensively curled up into a crash position.

As a woman whose long killed her maternal instincts with pills, booze and ennui, even I wanted to swoop in and save these defenseless children from this Dating D-bag trying to use children as datebait. I really hope the photographer used this as evidence when they dialed CPS with a fury.

I hope the kids have found a support group to speak about their Manhandling incident and find the strength to move ahead and trust again.

As for the Dater, I can only imagine his future interactions with females and younger humans will just be…


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